Apple To Announce iPad 2 Just Weeks Away

Word around the bay suggests that Apple might be announcing it’s iPad 2 on March 2nd this year, preparing the world for the sequel to the world’s premiere tablet PC to come a little late in June.

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-Mezzo-4304d ago

About time, i was hoping to see an announcement earlier this month, but better late than never. Hopefully its worth the wait and pack a heavy Punch.

BubbleSniper4303d ago

more garbage from apple. can't wait for influx of competition to show apple that you can only go by on incremental changes for so long before competitors dwarf your own product, forcing you to spend more on R&D.

that said, I look forward to an ipad2 reveal that is how to say... "surprising"?

michass84303d ago

Will it get the Flash support, I don't think so... lol

-Mezzo-4303d ago

I just Hope its a tremendous upgrade from the Current iPad & i hope that 2 Cameras aren't the only big Highlight of the iPad 2, much like every other Apple Product.

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