‘Boring’ smartphone market needs a shake-up

Which? Convo: ‘What version of Android does it run?’ That was the most common question at this year’s Mobile World Congress. It’s not only indicative of Android’s prevalence; it shows the limitations of our smartphone options.

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michass84306d ago

It like some kind of competition, who have higher version of Android. I still have 2.2 and did not upgrade for custom roms, as I feel they are not perfect and totally save. Anyway there is not much difference between the latests versions. I wish to get a smartphone witch well optimized software, good internal memory and good BATTERY LIFE... :)

-Mezzo-4305d ago

I can't think of any other Possible way of shaking the Market, every new phones is better in Specs & thats all that can be changed.

mcstorm4305d ago

The problem with Phones now is App stores. Android and Apple have the biggest app stores and this is the main reason why they are so big.

Nokia had a good app store but never really shown anyone what it has and the os was basic.

Palm OS looks very nice but again app store is very small and not much to pick from. But now HP have picked it up they could change all that

Windows Phone 7 is a new os so like Palm os only has a few thousand apps but the difference is it is getting bigger and bigger each week and will soon catch Androids market place if it carrys on at this rate. But the biggest problem at the mo is it is a new OS and alot of people compare it to the old Winmo OS and think it will be buggy like its old OS.

Those 3 and Blackberry are the only ones who can change what phones we by but to me it seems like the app stores and type of phone people want is what is selling them at the moment.

The cam memmory music player and size is not important to anyone anymore its all about the apps.

michass84305d ago

WP7 will be growing very fast after Nokia - Microsoft partnership. The same grow we will observe in the app market for WP devices, as Nokia and Microsoft app store are one market now. In the biggest app markets (Apple and Android) not much can be done, maybe some interface change, but nothing drastic anyway. Overall only the number of apps will be growing fast, but to be honest I don't have any idea what else could be done. :)

mcstorm4305d ago

I agree with you I think Nokia and Microsoft have made a good move joining together. I have the HTC HD7 and love the phone The OS is amazing imo its the best on the market offers more than the others out of the box and everything has been built well and very stable. But i think with Nokia hardware powering the software its a match for Android and Iphone.

I still dont think MS can take the market from Android and Apple even though I would love it too I think they have to big of a hold on the market now but MS could sit not too far behind them if they play the game right.

fatstarr4305d ago

shake up the market means some one from a different market has to come to the phone market and do something new. a windows 7 phone that can play crysis for 200$ yup availible for all carriers. thats a market shakeup. and its made by compaq lol