Evidence Mounts For MacBook Pro Refresh This Week

In what is turning into the worst kept secret in the world, more evidence has popped up that MacBook Pros are being refreshed this week.

According to OS X Daily, Best Buy briefly listed new SKU numbers for MacBook Pros this weekend, but quickly pulled the pages. For those unfamiliar with the term, SKU numbers are the unique numbers assigned to products by companies to limit confusion in the ordering process. Considering these were brand new numbers, it adds a lot of credence to the rumors circulating that Apple will be updating the MacBook Pros as early as this...

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-Mezzo-4306d ago

Cool, i hope they as good as it sounds, It would be good if Apple released a Full Black Colored MacBook Pro, it would look even more beautiful.

Liamabob4305d ago

Absolutely true. I went into an Apple store earlier to enquire about buying a Macbook Pro and, to my surprise, the clerk actually, in the most roundabout way possible, swayed me from buying it today and suggested that it might be worth returning on Thursday. I can't imagine the company would appreciate what he did but I certainly did.

This is the kind of honesty that most technology stores are lacking these days, so I'm glad to have had a little faith restored.