Madness: Glenn Beck Believes Google And Liberals Are Plotting to Overthrow The Government

The ever-growing conspiracy list of Foxnews “reporter” is staggering for anyone that follows the madman. Beck went after search engine maker Google saying “something is wrong” with the company and thinks Google is aiding “hardcore leftists” like George Soros who is plotting to overthrow the U.S. government.

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Techsmith3713d ago

After watching that vid, I felt my brain melting.

PR0X13712d ago

Same here man...

All he is saying. If Google did this horrible thing he thinks they are doing, BUT they where on the hardcore right side, it would all be fine.

In my country you can't get fox news. But I would love to have it so I can take some good laughs about stupid people.

michass83712d ago

Google should delete all reference to Beck in their search engine... lol If you are not in the internet, you are not exist... Any connection ? :) lol

Techsmith3712d ago

That would only enforce Beck's non-sense lol

-Mezzo-3713d ago

Dear God, he actually believes it. Ohh wait, what it that logo i see..... Fo.... Ohh it's Fox News. That explains it.

justGAMES3713d ago

I don't like him or his show but everything he said is pretty much true!

Techsmith3713d ago

I hope your kidding....

ngecenk3712d ago

Hitler dont speak Chinese
Obama dont speak Chinese


thats what i learned from Glenn Beck, to conclude something ridiculous from 2 unrelated facts

ASSASSYN 36o3712d ago

And this is one of the easily scared nut jobs that flock to glen beck. You are just as delusional as the fool you watch. I bet you think Sarah palin has a chance in 2012.

cheetorb3713d ago

It's more like Google and the Government, both Republicans and Democratic. All part of the One World Government, a New World Order.

BumpFrankie3713d ago

"Just, uh, bring up the six blocks here.."
*TV changes showing 5 seperate videos*

Hi im GLENN BECK and my favorite color is potato!

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The story is too old to be commented.