End Of An Era: Microsoft Moves Forward Leaving Intel To Fend For Itself

The 90′s will be remembered for a few things: The Gulf War, Full House, Gangsta Rap, Spice Girls and Windows. This was the era of Microsoft and Intel who came to power by making the modern computer more affordable for anyone to buy. The two were unstoppable, many tried to penetrate the armor of the tech titans, but failed miserably. Antitrust cases brought on by governments weren’t enough to stave the beasts, but Y2K ushered in a new era that has the once dominant pair moving in different directions.

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Software_Lover4759d ago

If Microsoft wants to survive in the future tech world they need to program their O.S. for mobile platforms. That simple. Intel hasn't proven they can make a dent in that area so Microsoft are not gonna wait around while I.O.S., Android, and any future manufacturer jumps over them.

Intel has the Desktop platform on hold for right now with AMD not too far behind. I say good job Microsoft for looking beyond the right now.

Techsmith4759d ago

Spot on. Windows 8 will change the game for Windows.

Speed-Racer4759d ago

We dont know that yet. Vista was supposed to be a game changer, but look what happened.

Techsmith4758d ago

True, but Windows 7, WP7 redeemed the company. I think Microsoft can pull it off, they have no choice.


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