Geohot plans to hack Sony Xperia Play (aka PlayStation Phone)


Geohot plans to hack Sony's new Xperia Play aka the PlayStation Phone as soon as its launched. He is going to hack is despite the recent lawsuit between him and Sony.

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Strongfist364760d ago

I hope he succeeds! We cannot allow these companies to control the things WE the CONSUMERS pay for!

Speed-Racer4760d ago

Well their interests are for our benefit. Do you like games where hackers basically call the shots on the rest of us who try to play fair? I could understand the iPhone, but not for gaming.

Strongfist364760d ago

I agree with you, some of these guys do take it to far. They tarnish online gaming when they run custom code. However, its the modifications and customizations to ones own device that does not affect others that I support.

He is kind of slow for making such statments while on trial though...

trancefreak4760d ago

I can hear the worlds smallest violin playing right now.

Why doesn't n4g just have a hack news section now since it teh xxxxpwnzorxxxx thing to do these days /s

In 6 hours from now I will have my autographed signed kz3 helgast edition paid.

-Mezzo-4760d ago

Well he has my Support. and i knew he would try to hack this Phone specially after Sony suing him & winning so far.

Guitardr854760d ago

This guy has got to be the dumbest mofo ever. He is actually telling people he is going to hack an item made by the same company that is SUCCESSFULLY suing him as we speak!!!

What an idiot. This kid needs to be put away so that future generations won't suffer from his gene pool.

michass84760d ago

Well if you buy a phone it is yours, do whatever you want... It is like using the custom Roms for android devices to get higher version of Android version. Everybody does it... if there is a whole in the system it will be hacked sooner or later anyway... Sony should actually pay him for doing that, as they will be able to fix it... lol

maddfoxx4760d ago

Geohot is such an idiot. Hes begging for donations and doing everything he can to piss off a multi-billion company that's suing him. This is all his fault. Hes the reason why cheating is now running ramped on the PS3 and hes the reason why custom OS was removed from the PS3, and hes the reason why hes getting sued. The reason why anyone would feel sorry for him is beyond me.

And to all the people who says he has the right because he payed for the PS3. . . Yes, he did pay for the PS3 (hardware). He can take it outside and smash it with a hammer all he wants. This legal battle pertains to the software that is LICENSED BY SONY.

mjurek4760d ago

He isn't the reason that cheating is running ramped on PS3, he is however responsible for pointing out Sony's lack of security on the PS3 console. He isn't the one that allowed people to cheat or hack, Sony is.

maddfoxx4760d ago

So, Sony posted their own security holes on the internet? Thats makes a lot of sense.

Its apparent that you have no idea what the eff you are taking about. Cheaters are using HIS customized code to gain access to PSN and cheat. He's also releasing keys that could help hackers gain access to my personal and credit card information. And for the people like you who are stupid enough to think that is legal, IT ISNT.

mjurek4760d ago


I understand that some of his actions could be deemed illegal, but he is not the person that is carrying out any of these attacks. Geohot has stated that he has never logged onto the PSN ever! His so called "customized code" could only have been possible because Sony has left many many security holes in its network and software.

You are attacking him for doing the same thing that people have been doing to Windows and other software since they have existed.

michass84760d ago

We are talking about the phone. Unlocking/Jailbreaking is not illegal. He will definitely piss of Sony by doing that. lol

Strongfist364759d ago

Lol someone would have done it sooner or later...

gaden_malak4760d ago

"He isn't the reason that cheating is running ramped on PS3"

He's the cause, therefore is the reason.

silvacrest4759d ago

no hes not even the cause, perhaps some research is needed?

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