Anon threatens Westboro Baptist Church hate group, church replies with strongly worded letter

The Anon “hactivist” group has made the decision to take out and completely destroy Westboro Baptist Church’s website, after they expressed much hate towards the beliefs of the cult. In response, the church has replied telling the Anon group to "Bring It!".

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Techsmith4306d ago

Westboro Baptist Church are a group of some of the worst kind of human beings. They once protested a funereal of a boy who was murdered for being gay, saying he was in hell because of hes sexual preference.

Speed-Racer4306d ago

I dont see why the world puts up with their nonsense. They should be arrested immediately. Sure there is free speech and what not, but going to a funeral and rallying is disrespectful and invasive.

michass84306d ago

They should not use the 'Church' word in their name... bunch of...

Speed-Racer4305d ago

Everyone is entitles to their view point, no matter how idiotic is may sound.

michass84305d ago

Well, I supose free speech right... but still they are a bunch of fanatics...

_Q_4304d ago

Are they really using free speech? Sounds like a church where hate crimes are born. Detestable people...