Rumor: Redbox To Partner With Amazon To Take On Netflix

Redbox has announced plans to roll out a movie streaming service later this year. They also announced that they will do so with a parter. The word on the street is that they will partner with Amazon. A partnership between the two would make sense.

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thebudgetgamer4304d ago

i love netflix, i even cancelled my cable partly due to netflix. im bothered by the lack of streaming titles.

wheres the godfather!?

techniglee4304d ago

If it weren't for sports, id totally cancel my cable!

NoobJobz4303d ago

$3.95 a month for unlimited streaming and 4 movies out? Don't mind if I do.

michass84303d ago

Probably it is the time to get the unlimited broadband data plan :D and give up the cable... :)