U.S. Gov’t shuts down 84,000+ sub-domains … by accident

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has once again boasted about seizing domains in an effort to curb various Internet crimes, this time in the child pornography department. What they did not mention was that they accidentally seized an innocent domain, essentially redirecting persons viewing the 84,000 hosted sub-domains to a warning message.

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Syko4763d ago

Annoying when government agencies aren't held accountable for mistakes like this. Honest mistake, but be accountable to the people you affected with your blunder at the very least.

Speed-Racer4763d ago

If I were FreeDNS, I would have sued them for the inconvenience caused (lost profits and time to its sub domain holders)

michass84762d ago

10 in 84,000 is acceptable results for the government, the innocent people as well as the guilty must be punished :D, this action was very successful <<<<SARCASM, by the way>
Free speech... Did they apologise at least....

Now why they need internet 'kill' switch for...


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