New Macbook Pros to be Lighter, Cheaper & LiquidMetal

Apple is set to fire up their Macbook Pro line of notebooks by injecting them with better displays and long-lasting battery life. Last April, Apple signed an agreement to utilize Liquidmetal in it’s upcoming range of products.

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snoop_dizzle4312d ago

I might be up for upgrading my MBP in the summer. I hope this is true, especially better battery life (which along with build quality is my biggest gripe with portable electronics).

Sahil4312d ago

True.. nowadays better battery is what everyone looks for, I hope this comes out cheap :)

-Mezzo-4311d ago

I guess i 'll have to save some more cash, i have had $800 with me for a Long time (To Get A New Laptop), but i never got around to actually buying it.

I'll just wait up for the official Announcement of the New MacBooks & the Price.

Fatal Blow4311d ago

Same hear i will be upgrading my macbook pro 13 mid 2009 model

michass84311d ago

Interesting... The biggest issue with portable electronic: battery life... will wait and see new MacBook Pro line specs