Motorola Droid X2 pics and specs leak out

Android Central: We've been hearing plenty of rumors surrounding the Motorola Droid X2 for a while now but finally we got some pics and specs to ponder over.

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-Mezzo-4310d ago

WOW, it doesn't even look slightly different from the Original Droid X, Whats wrong with Smartphones these days. they're hitting market every 8/10 months with any noticeable difference.

fatstarr4309d ago

The inside my friend is where its at.

-Mezzo-4308d ago

Agreed, but you know most of the people buy products based on it looks "Which is stupid, but sadly true", Specially when it comes to Smartphones.

michass84307d ago

On the other hand, people don't like huge changes. In the smartphones not much can be changed anyway, as it is a big touchscreen, and not much more :) It is all about the hardware inside at this point. They already manage to stick whole laptop in such a small device, I am terrify what will be in a few years time... Your smartphone will make u a cup of coffee... lol