HTC Flyer tablet hits for 669 euros

Engadget: We're seeing some rather unattainable prices for many of the sexiest Android tablets to be unveiled at MWC and CES this year, but thankfully HTC's Flyer looks to be coming in a little lower than most.

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-Mezzo-4310d ago (Edited 4310d ago )

WOW, Android Tablets prices are ridiculous, first Motorola Xoom $799 for the Beefy version and bow this, HTC Flyer for 669 Euros thats like $900.

Not that i am interested in this product, but if i was the price would have easily Dragged me away from it.

michass84310d ago

This devices are really overpriced... Companies just trying get the best possible profit, while tablets are so popular and everybody want to get one... Thats how the market works, This devices are fairy new, something different than we seen before...