Facebook makes you miserable, according to study

A study has revealed that people with more friends actually end up being much more stressed out and miserable than those with less. Sounds surprising? The obvious goal of Facebook has been to connect people across the globe, with it now crossing over 150 million active users. One paradox that baffled researchers was the link between elevated levels of anxiety with those who had much more friends than those with less contacts.

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Techsmith4419d ago

Not surprised at all, most people I know who uses Facebook says the same thing. It's all about the amount of time you put into Facebook, but some people takes it a little to far.

Speed-Racer4419d ago

I use it a lot....gotta admit but I really dont care how many walls I get or what my friend count is. Checking it is another story. Dared myself to stay off for one week and only lasted 2 days. Even when I go on vacation, I thought it be able to last 2 weeks but found a pc within 1 day :/

Techsmith4419d ago

lol, you are not alone :)

-Mezzo-4419d ago

The most annoying thing about Facebook is, that people lie a lot, every 1 update in 3 in a 100% lie. Thats what dragged me away from it.

Speed-Racer4419d ago

What I hate is when people cause controversy on it by posting crazy pics or statuses full of lies to make others look bad

michass84419d ago

In fact it is a great time killer... most of my friends are addicted and it is way to far... posts like 'I am drinking a tea..., I am going to sleep...' who cares... :) lol

Speed-Racer4419d ago

LOL the usual stuff. People want the world to know what they are doing. I am taking a dump in the can.

asmith23064418d ago

Facebook is seriously counter productive. People need to get their face out of the internet and into the real world. Maybe then they will achieve something. I know far too many people who just cant get away from keeping up with the gossip. Its pathetic. Focus your time on more meaningful things.

Pillage054418d ago

Deleted my facebook account about 3 years ago now....haven't looked back....

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