Apple Just Killed The Only Opportunity To Launch Its Own Music Streaming Service

One of the biggest gripes from iTunes users is the lack of a streaming service that many have been wanting for years, but with the announcement of Apple’s new subscription policy, that prospect is pretty much dead in the water.

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Speed-Racer4307d ago

Apple is just too hungry for money. It will be their biggest downfall one day. What happened to the Apple that was industry leading? MS and other manufacturers are fast catching up.

Techsmith4307d ago

For sure, its Mac vs PC all over again, but this time instead of the PC markets its in mobile.

Speed-Racer4307d ago

Androids imo are becoming the new Macs. With them becoming such a powerful and demanding marketing, they are basically starting to call shots now. Luckily many developers do their work for dirt cheap or even free. Yay android.

Techsmith4307d ago

At this point Apple will hold the #2 position under Android, its just growing way to fast for Apple to stop them.

Speed-Racer4307d ago

Well it's clear.

Apple only has one line of phones while Android comes on many brands ... HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG and so on

Also, Androids work on any provider while Apple works on ATT and Verizon alone (considering the US market alone)... it's clear who will win eventually.

techniglee4307d ago

Apple can and will make exceptions. It was reported today that Netflix is exempt from paying 30% of in app subscriptions to Apple.

kevnb4306d ago

Let's see where they are in 5 years... its like the 80s all over again.