Anonymous Hackers Release Stuxnet Worm Online

The group of anonymous "hacktivists" that made headlines for online cyberattacks in December just released a bombshell online: a decrypted version of the same cyberworm that crippled Iran's nuclear power program.

The ones and zeroes that make up the code called the Stuxnet worm -- described as the most sophisticated cyberweapon ever created -- were reportedly found when the faceless group hacked into the computers of HBGary, a U.S. security company that the anonymous collective viewed as an enemy. And the security experts FoxNews.com spoke with said the leaked code was serious cause for concern.

Speed-Racer4817d ago

I have to wonder how accurate this story is, considering Fox News wrote it.

Techsmith4817d ago

As accurate as Glen Becks theory on Marxist, communist, socialist liberals taking over the country. Take everything Foxnews says with a grain of salt.

Ravenor4815d ago

But they are taking over! Can't you feel it!? I can feel it in the air!

fatstarr4815d ago

That was the first thing i thought when i read the source...
sounds like a joke attack from you know who. if they could all work together right this could go good. if not nothing to see here.

michass84817d ago

Cyber attacks will be the future of the wars. Cyber attacks will be the main weapon of the terrorist groups. Hopefully my firewall is strong enough lol :)

GodsHand4815d ago

The only thing strong enough, is not to be connected.

michass84815d ago

In todays world everything is about the computers and internet. If some group of terrorist will attack some strategic point (like some nuclear power plant) can you imagine what will happen. this would do more harm than some bomb attack... or maybe it is just me and too many movies :) lol

GodsHand4815d ago

I get what you are saying, but thats my point don't have the Power Complex, or anything of that nature on the grid with anyone able to get access from home. If you wanted to shut down overload or what ever, then you have to be their physically to sabotage it. Like in the movie 'Die Hard' what ever the last one was called.

When I was working for this architect, we did a detention center for the county I live in. The head honcho (Chief of the center) wanted to have access to the complex from his house such as seeing the CCTV, and have computer access to the cells doors. Of course we told him, thats not are department, you have to go to the higher up in your office, and guess what, they told him. No, because it will weaken the intergraity of the system if you had access from home, then anyone else could.


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