Japanese Robot Plays Dumb And Learns To Clean A White Board, Patiently Waits To Kill Us All

Don’t be fooled by this robots small stature, its one deadly flesh and bone pounding android. Dr. Petar Kormushev, of the Italian Institute of Technology and Tokyo City University, programmed Fujitsu HOAP-2 aka mini humanoid, to clean a white-board. While this seems innocent now, it not long until cleaning white-boards turns into using humans as batteries. You heard it here first, just don’t tell them that.

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sjaakiejj4313d ago

Still quite a way to go before they start a revolution, this seems to be a rather limited implementation, remembering what it did before instead of using its sensors to "understand" what it did.

Techsmith4313d ago

That's how its starts,next thing you know their harvesting our body's for energy....

Techsmith4313d ago

It up to something devious :)