Apple Discovered 91 Underage Kids Making Its Products, Mostly In China

Apple investigated its Chinese suppliers in 2010 and discovered that 10 of the 127 factories that build their products harbored underage employees. One particular supplier was found to have 42 underage workers all under the age of 16, leaving Apple no choice but to end its contract. The others had to carry out strict guidelines and new rules to make sure these things don’t happen again.

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specialguest4426d ago

Many of these incidence would involve violations of local labour laws. The problem is that the country in question has corruption problems, as it is very easy to bribe somebody to overlook issues when foreign dollar amounts are involved.

Techsmith4426d ago

Very true, I guess the government couldn't care any less.

michass84426d ago

This should not happened... Someone from the management allow it happened... I think this poor fellas don't have much choice, they must work... life is sometimes brutal

Cat4426d ago

It is difficult b/c we view things through a Western lens of "that's wrong!" and forget that for some workers it may be a situation of "Please don't find out I'm underage, I need this job!"

Not at all saying that's right or makes it OK, but it's definitely a difference that is hard for us to swallow.

Pillage054425d ago

I come from a family of farmers and I was putting in 10-12 hour days in a tractor since I was like 11 or 12...guess it doesn't seem that weird to me lol.

michass84425d ago

Exactly, different cultures around the world, for some it is normal, for some it is not. We have very strict human rights, especially the children one. Where East is not so restricted and allowing fore situations like that, but we need to know that the reason is the economic situation of this countries.

GodsHand4426d ago

It's Mr. Mugatu, hell he tried to have the prime minister of Malaysia killed.

INehalemEXI4425d ago

Give them a workers permit , problem solved.... If they actually want to work.

-Mezzo-4425d ago

Well, i personally feel Sad for the Kids that got caught, they might need that Job more than We or Apple realize , they could be feeding a whole family from that Job.

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