Engadget Motorola Atrix 4G review

Joshua Topolsky of Engadget writes: "It's finally here -- our Atrix 4G review! We know you've waited and wondered, and we've finally had enough time with the phone, laptop dock, HD / desktop dock, and all the accessories to give you a proper take on this utterly unique smartphone. Did we say smartphone? Really that's not quite right, because the dual-core-CPU-sporting device actually does quadruple duty as a laptop, set top box, desktop computer, and... well, it works as a smartphone too. The Atrix 4G, which sports a 4-inch, 960 x 540 display, HSPA+ data, and a slew of other juicy specs is absolutely the first of its kind -- a multi-use device intended to replace your netbook (and maybe more) via its Webtop environment. But can a phone be powerful enough to become your laptop or hub of your home theater? Is Motorola's new phone set to be the king of the Android heap, or just another face in the crowd?"

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michass84308d ago

The only thing is that you need to buy extra features like this docks if You want to use this phone in 100%... couldn't they just go for cables like the others do... In todays world we are changing phones to often and the last thing we want to do is buying loads of expensive gadgets for the smartphone... This phones really cost enough :)

-Mezzo-4307d ago

It been ages, since i last saw Engadget giving out a "9", this phone really has to something, that i earned a "9".

I'm a big fan of Motorola Smartphones, but i won't be able to get this one, because much like every Smartphone these days this one is also tied to a US Carrier.