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Snapdragon based Android phones may get Netflix first


Qualcomm has announced today that the Snapdragon platform will have access to instant streaming from Netflix. This is good news for Android owners. No Android phones currently have Netflix its probable that models containing Snapdragon support will be first.

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xer04302d ago

Will I even use Netflix on my phone?

Maybe if I was 12... but really - I can't imagine a more uncomfortable way of watching a movie or tv show on a tiny screen.

knightmare964302d ago

I used it all the time when I had an iphone. biggest thing I miss about going to droid.

Software_Lover4302d ago

My windows phone 7 (samsung focus) has netflix. I wasn't aware it was in the minority for this

topekomsi4302d ago

As a person that uses netflix everyday, I am very excited for this news. I just hope they can get it to run smoothly.

-Mezzo-4302d ago

I really have a Hard time watching a Movie on my Smartphone, i Galaxy S came with the "Avatar" movie and to this day i haven't watched it completely, well i have watched the Movie, just not on my Phone.

On the other hand a Device like iPad is perfect for Netflix & other services of that nature.