Here’s Why Nokia Chose Windows Phone 7 Instead Of Android

In a desperate bid to stay relevant, the iconic Finnish company Nokia, finds itself in a smartphone world no longer dominated by them, but by a little green robot named Android. While Nokia maintains 37% of the smartphone market, it is rapidly declining thanks to pressure from competitors like Google, Apple and others. The company’s new CEO Stephen Elop, had to make some tough decisions recently in order to combat the growing threats.

Nokia decided to abandon its legendary Symbian operating system in favor of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS, causing many critics to sound off and predict end to the great company. It's a little early in the game to predict whether Nokia’s partnership with Microsoft will succeed or fail, but I can tell you why they chose WP7 and not Android.

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michass84316d ago

This will definitely bring us some very interesting devices. WP7 will grow and will be worth to consider, as an OS...

Techsmith4316d ago

I completely agree, as Samsung Focus owner I can't wait to see what these two comes up with in the future.

SUP3R4315d ago

This partnership piqued my interest along with how nicely WP7 apps are coming along.

Wikkid6664315d ago

Just too many Android phones out there. I think both companies it works out to have a little more focus and it will be easier to differentiate their products vs the rest.

diehardgamer10004315d ago

the fact tht wp7 is proprietary an android is not makes it difficult cz its much easier to develop apps for android,n they r juss too many android phones out there.i thnk this is juss nokia doin wat they cn to stay relevant like wat the article says.

-Mezzo-4314d ago

I don't care why Nokia choose Microsoft or what would come out of this Partnership, All i want is this Phone. (Image Below)