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This Summer: iPhone Nano And New MobileMe

The Wall Street Journal has once again spilled the beans, this time detailing Apple’s plans to release a smaller iPhone as well as a revamped MobileMe service.

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-Mezzo-4304d ago

Everyone Getting an iPhone Nano "Pick Your Hands Up"..... Mezzo Picks My Hands Up.

I will get it day 1, only if it's Under $400 & an Unlocked Version is officially released.

Malebaria4303d ago

I'm so getting one! Been waiting for a smaller model and here it is.

jidery4303d ago

Isn't the iPhone already pretty small compared to other phones? I thought bigger was better.

-Mezzo-4303d ago

agreed, the iPhone 4 is already Small & light enough, but the reason i will be getting it is, That it will be available Unlocked, i won't have to Pay almost double for it, Like iPhone 4.

Thatguy-3104303d ago

Ehhh not that pumped the iPhone is very over-rated. IMO android is killing it right now !!! at the moment I'm eyeing Htc thunderbolt which is a beast !!! I DOUBT the iPhone nano will top it

techniglee4304d ago

Think about it, free iPhone nano, goodbye Android...

outwar60104304d ago

the whole appeal to android is that you have a choice from many different mobiles that are affordable to everyone and to everyones preferences with many different carriers and how open it is(plus a plethora of free apps which is lacking from the apple app store)

holdmyown834304d ago

i just want the darn white iphone 4

michass84303d ago

Android in trouble, this will help to Apple get the market shares back. Smaller iPhone will sale if the price won't be to high...

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