Debunk: Clamcase now shipping, manufacturing problems remedied

Engadget: You may remember that we had an oh-so-brief hands-on with the Clamcase back at CES, and at that time we were promised a review unit the following week. Well, here we are a month later and we still don't have our unit, and according to some unhappy tipsters neither do those who preordered all the way back in December. We spoke with a rep to get to the bottom of the matter and got some updates on the situation to share with all you eager pre-orderers.

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ClamCase turns your iPad into a notebook

Pocket-Lint: The ClamCase is an all-in-one iPad Bluetooth keyboard, case and stand and, when fitted to your iPad, will make your new baby look just like a notebook. Which is just what you wanted, right.

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fatstarr5083d ago

that is pretty tough. I hope this becomes a success and they consider making these for other ipad and tablet like devices in the near future.

Zeevious5083d ago

Now I have to wait till fall to get an iPad?

WWAaaaaaaaaaa. . .