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Verizon iPhone Still Suffers from Death Grip

Get Your Gadgets Going writes: "For those of you who do not know what the “Death Grip” is, I shall explain. When the iPhone 4 first launched last year, Apple boasted a new design. This design was small, sleek and the thinnest of its kind. In order to acheive this level of thinnest, the geniuses over at Apple decided to put the antennas on the outside of the phone. So now, when the iPhone 4 was griped (or even simply touched) in a certain manner it would lose signal. The Verizon iPhone was thought to have relinquished these problems. Oh how we were wrong as the video below demonstrates."

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strongplayer4313d ago

Apple has already proven that this is indeed a none issue and that this "problem" is indeed a non issue.

Techsmith4313d ago

I see what you did there :)

strongplayer4313d ago

I made a mistake. I ment to say "...and this problem is indeed wide spread"

Lol how do you deny something and then go and say "it dosnt only happen to us"

ASSASSYN 36o4311d ago

There has been no design change. WTF did anyone expect.