Android Surpasses Apple in US Market share

GYGG writes: "It has been a long time coming but it was inevitable. Analyst have said it, its been projected over and over and now it there is no need to project any further because Android has now surpassed Apple’s iOS in US market share."

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jidery4316d ago

I called this a long time ago, from the begining i knew Android's strategy would by pass apples. The iPhone will eventually fall back into the old windows/osx problem apple has. Because they feel they can be the only manufacture, they will be stuck at a low market share. It's their own fault.

Thatguy-3104315d ago

The only revolution apple brought was with the frost iPhone ! After that they just add one feature and call it the next iteration of iPhone which isn't as big as what other androids are bringing to the table. Android smatphones just keep coming and coming !!!! HTC THUNDERBOLT 4 THE WIN :p that is until they release something new Which won't take long

Strongfist364315d ago

Lol sorry dboyc, Im still head over heals for the Motorola Atrix.

I supported Google with the Tmobile G1 so i knew this was coming cause i only back winners!

dkgshiz4315d ago

Ah...duh?! Android is an OS...not a phone. Plus its on multiple phones and multiple networks.

Strongfist364315d ago

iOS consist of iPads, Ipods and iPhones. Also, whos fault is it that Apple does things this way? Apples. So do not play that card.

trounbyfire4315d ago

Yeah anything to take down apple a notch

michass84315d ago

We can get device with Android on board in all price ranges available in the market. Apple's iOS is only available on the iPhone (smartphone segment), which are expensive, so only some people will go for it.
Nearly every smartphones manufacturer carry some models with Android OS, so there is a bunch of devices with it on board. Really huge choice with different specs and price range, and all mobile network carriers have some Android phones in range... This is mad expansion :D lol - Android user :D

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The story is too old to be commented.