Exclusive: Nokia's Windows Phone 7 concept revealed

Engadget: "Look what we've found! This is the first image you'll see anywhere of the early fruit of Microsoft and Nokia's budding new partnership. We have it on good authority that the technicolor phones on show are conceptual devices produced by the two companies".

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jidery4424d ago

Not a bad design IMO, I really do hope they launch with multiple colors to add some personalization into the mix. I hate that all cell phone manufactures now strictly release their smart phones in only one styling and color, I want something to separate my phone from my friends. That way if my friend gets a blue phone I can get a black one so I don't get it mixed up with my friends and I don't have to use a case. Its like if everyones Honda Civic was the same color, things would get confusing!

Anarki4424d ago

They look nice, but it's a damn shame it's running windows phone 7.

Wikkid6664420d ago

WP7 OS is great... will only get better.

-Mezzo-4424d ago

That is one good looking Concept design, i hope This gets into production, i would certainly be keeping an eye on this one & hopefully this will also be well received.

Techsmith4424d ago

Definitely, I for one am excited about the partnership.

-Mezzo-4424d ago

Same here, i myself am very much excited bout this Merge, hopefully this would bring out some great Smartphones such as this one.

killershadow1174423d ago

Looks alot like my Samsung focus, just a differently curved back.

Wikkid6664423d ago

Never thought I would say it... But that's a nice looking Nokia.

TwistedMetal4423d ago

Why oh why would you buy a M$ phone when theres phones that destroy this and are more reliable and just better?

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