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Nokia Employees Walk Out Of Work In Protest Of The Microsoft Deal

Things are not looking good at Nokia today, CEO Elop is getting ready to hand out the pink slips thanks to the new-found partnership with Microsoft. In protest, some are walking out of work. Many are upset at Nokia’s decision to kill Symbian, so they take to the street in a non-violent disapproval demonstration.

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michass83719d ago

Nokia is doing what has to be done. 'Killing' Symbian is necessary move to stay on the market.
It is absolutely bad news for the employees (developers), so good luck for them.

jidery3719d ago

It sucks that they are getting fired, its also a shame to see symbian die off, it used to be huge. I really think a lot of these employes are going to get picked up by apple and google, maybe even microsoft to improve their operating systems.

Now the next one to die IMO, MeeGo.

-Mezzo-3719d ago

Go "Mubarak" Go, Oh Wait.

i think this is a good Move by Nokia, Symbian should have died about 2 years before, but i guess better late than never. I'm not a big fan of Windows Phone 7 but it would take it over Symbian on any given day.

Zeevious3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

My Psion, My Psion

Why have you forsaken me?


T3MPL3TON 3718d ago

Can't stay in the past forever.