It doesn’t pay to be a gaming early adopter

Which? Conversation: Both Nintendo and Sony are releasing new handheld consoles this year. So should you purchase a console on day one – or is it going to be quickly overshadowed by a new-improved version?

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TheColbertinator4308d ago

I disagree.If anything the DS showed that no matter how many new versions come out,the support for the original will continue as scheduled.I still had my DS playing the same games as the DS Lite and DSi after a total of 5 years on the market.I eventually upgraded but Nintendo and the 3rd parties continued to stand behind the early DS adopters.

-Mezzo-4308d ago

I disagree, Early PS3 adopters have the best (Models) of them all, no slim can match it, they have the backwards capability, SD Card slots.

Plus like "TheColbertinator" said Adopting Nintendo DS early wasn't a wrong decision at all.

Though early Xbox 360, adopters suffered a lot.