Nokia Enters ‘strategic Alliance’ with Microsoft, Officially Carrying Windows Phone 7

There you have folks, the two company's are now officially joined at the hip thanks to Former Microsoft executive and now Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop.The two company's has formed a "strategic alliance", which means Windows Phone 7 is a go on most of Nokia handsets, Bing and adCenter for search services on devices, and some type of UI on top of WP7 made directly by Nokia. Nokia's Ovi store will be integrated with marketplace, Xbox live and Office mobile to come pre-installed on new Nokia handsets.

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-Mezzo-4308d ago

I do believe that this certainly is a good news for both Nokia & WP7 (Because Currently They Are Both Struggling On The Market), But Android is no way in trouble.

michass84309d ago

That has to happen sooner or later, both companies have to save their asses :) This join will bring very interesting devices on the market in the near future, can wait to see some of the flagship Microsoft-Nokia smartphones...
This will definitely take some market shares from the Android and the iOS. I am the Android platform user, but i was thinking to move to the Windows 7, but now I will wait for some Nokia devices it might be worth to be patient...

RazMaTaz9994309d ago

Nokia are honestly thick. Why dont they be like HTC and opt to both Android AND WM7? While I do love the Windows Mobile 7 OS, Its sales are getting destroyed by Android and Iphone. Nokia should honestly opt to Android aswell if they really want to make funds. Even Sony Ericsson has opted to it and are succeeding.

Techsmith4308d ago

Remember, Nokia is in a bitter battle with Apple over patent disputes, the same Apple that's suing every Android OEM for IP infringement. Adopting Android would make it worse. Since Microsoft and Apple have an agreement over patents, it works out better for Nokia and WP7.