How The Internet, Blackberry And A Bad Judgement Call Brought Down A US Congressmen

We live in a world where everything is shared and everyone is connected, so why on earth would a US Congressmen of all people send a picture of himself to a women on Craigslist of all places? One word– Stupidity and a lack of understanding of what the internet is. Forget that he’s married, that means nothing, for all we know he’s marriage was probably an arrange affair to make him more “electable” or maybe it was on the rocks.

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Techsmith4768d ago (Edited 4768d ago )

The funny thing about all of this is, this guy wrote an opt-ed about the dangers of the internet. And how one uploading your image online can hurt you, ROFL....

_Q_4767d ago

Man these people need tech and media advisors that are hip to things.. He couldve avoided this had he consulted with me first(call me congress). Whoa this guy is like 100 and hes in better shape than me now @25.

None the less. What an idiot. We dont need people like this making our life altering decisions...Good riddance

Techsmith4767d ago (Edited 4767d ago )

lol, poor guy he was just looking for some nookie :)

_Q_4767d ago

Yeah but he should probably shouldn't looking outside of his farm right?? hahaha


Twitter Blue problems? How to sign up for verification despite error messages

Signing up for the new Twitter Blue has caused problems for some folks. The Shortcut details the roadblocks you may hit trying to sign up and how to get around them.

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EvilCackle444d ago (Edited 444d ago )

Good thing I signed up at launch so people know I'm the real evilcackle

CurrentDigital444d ago

Huge loss for those who don't know where else to spend their surplus $8 a month

SwiderMan443d ago

Still haven't been approved for Twitter Blue :/

gatewayinternational440d ago

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