Yes, Apple Is Lining Up For A “Surprise” This Fall. And Yes, It’s Likely An “iPad 3″

TechCrunch: The following may sound a little crazy considering that the iPad 2 has not even been acknowledged or introduced by Apple yet. But from what we’re hearing, the next iteration of the iPad — let’s call it “iPad 3″ to keep it simple — may be coming along sooner than people realize.

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-Mezzo-2903d ago

WTF? see this is what i hate about Apple, their product only have a Lifespan of 10-12 Months at most.

I'm dying to see what iPad 2, looks like and an iPad 3 is already rumored to be unveiled This Fall.

This is an Outrage. :P

ilikestuff2903d ago

yep, just like how new ipods come out every year alittle before christmas shopping, its all about the money

brennton2902d ago

It's better than some like HTC, whose products only have 6 month life-cycles before an even better phone is released :P

michass82902d ago

This is the the technology development speed, which is good, I believe. We just need tons of cash to be up to date with the newest devices ( at least 1 per week ) lol