Top 5 most useful Wordpress Plugins


I know there are many different articles out there that cover WordPress plugins but I felt the need to create one based on my own experiences. I have compiled a list of the top 5 most useful WordPress plugins that I actively use on my sites.

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Naota4769d ago

I use most of those plugins. Good list.

Speed-Racer4769d ago (Edited 4769d ago )

WordPress.com Stats is not near as good as Sitemeter or Google Analytics. It gives you very basis stats and information, while Analytics for instance can allow you to drill down and obtain a lot of in depth data. You can use the Yoast Google Analytics plugin if you wish to not mess with the HTML code of the site. BTW you should ditch that old school Facebook share button for the newer one (not the like button).

mjurek4769d ago

I do not feel the need to install a plugin for google analytics when I can just use the actual google site for that. Wordpress.com stats provides a glimpse into the traffic that I need. I use around 5 analytic tools at the same time. My best one being Mint from haveamint.com

mjurek4769d ago (Edited 4769d ago )

Do you have a screenshot to what you are talking about? you can email me at sanity[at]tekgoblin.com are you referring to the hovering one?

Speed-Racer4769d ago


@Analytics - Im just saying in case a user does not want to mess with their hardcore. Remember not everyone is as versed in HTML as us.

mjurek4769d ago

Actually both of those buttons are no longer available on facebooks developer site they moved to the square like button now.

Speed-Racer4769d ago


<a name="fb_share" type="box_count" href=" http://www.facebook.com/sha... src=" http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/... type="text/javascript&quo t;></script>


<a name="fb_share" type="button_count" href=" http://www.facebook.com/sha... src=" http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/... type="text/javascript&quo t;></script>

mjurek4769d ago

I will get rid of my plugins that handle that when I can, I am going to have some developer work done on the site in the near future. I am also looking for casual writers if anyone is interested ;)

mjurek4769d ago

I remember why its like that, the new button causes issues on the site that I need to address.

Speed-Racer4769d ago


sorry about the mess, and oh. Maybe you should use the like button and add the open graph info to your header.

-Mezzo-4769d ago

Agreed, i used most of those Plugin's back when i used to Blog, but i don't anymore (Got Way To Busy For It), A lot of people i know use Blogspot, even though Wordpress is clearly better that that.


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