MPAA sues Hotfile, domain possibly at risk of seizure

The Motion Pictures Association of America has filed a lawsuit against file sharing service In a press release, they mention that Hotfile has directly promoted the sharing of illegal content including movies and TV shows, porn, cracked programs and much more.

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Techsmith4311d ago

No surprise here, these guys are on a rampage. I have a feeling nothing short of the end of the internet would satisfy them.

Speed-Racer4311d ago

Kind of unfair considering a number of others operate under very similar circumstances. maybe one day all of them will bite the dust.

Techsmith4311d ago

Doubt it, but heres to wishful thinking :)

michass84311d ago

Well web is full of services like this, Hotfile is not the only one, there is hundreds more, and if Hotfile will disappear, other similar service will take over... never ending story lol.

iliimaster4311d ago

well maybe the theaters should stop charging 20 bucks for a large popcorn and 2 medium drinks just a small example on how they rape you after you buy a ticket

jetlian4310d ago

true! theaters only get 1-2 dollars out of the movie price

zero_cool4311d ago

yup they date rape the consumers!

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