Less PCs Sold Recently Than Smartphones

Showing off the figures for the fourth quarter of last year, the IDC (International Data Corporation) recorded that Smartphones have shipped in the quantity of just over 100 million units across all platforms at the time.

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michass84322d ago

Nothing strange, smartphones are in fact a small computers, all what we need is some monitor or some LCD TV an a wireless keyboard, but I have a strange feeling that we will see this features in the near future in the smartphones... in fact Motorola Atrix already have a dock, making the smartphone the real computer...

-Mezzo-4321d ago

Agreed, i also believe that Smartphones will Literally replacer the CPU's.

As of now most of the people who use Internet have only restricted themselves to Social Networking (Twitter, Facebook) & Porn, And those needs can be easily filled by a Smartphone.

JoeIsMad4321d ago

With HTML 5 content available to view in it's natural state on an Android device, it doesn't really matter if things are only social networking, or any fully compatible HTML 5 based website - The smartphone lineup is as capable as any other computing device.