Mobile apps take romance on the move

In this day and age there's a smartphone "app" for just about everything, and that includes dating.

"We're all about instant access now," said app user Blake Floweree.

And unlike online datng websites, the new smartphone apps have geo-location, allowing you to connect with people near you right now.

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Cat4433d ago

Something like this was in an episode of Bones, lol. I guess the location-based ones would really work best in metro areas, which could make for some hilarious meets.

Cat4432d ago

Nice, I love that show - even if recent episodes make me want to hit "Hate" not "Date" :P

michass84433d ago

Some reason I do not trust location based apps, and I have this feature turned off (unless using the maps etc), who know who actually have access to this data and the location...

Cat4432d ago

I stopped using stalkersquare b/c it just got too weird. It was handy for like, my friend Mark, b/c if he was downtown he could pop by the coffee shop I was at, etc., but then when he pointed out that he and three dozen others also knew the exact order of everywhere else I'd been that day it just lost its shine. :P