Canon EOS 600D vs Canon EOS 550D

Pocket-Lint: The Canon EOS 600D has been the subject of internet rumours for some time now, but the manufacturer has finally made things official. Sitting at the top of Canon's entry-level EOS series, the 600D is the natural successor to the 550D, but what if you've already got a 550D? Should you feel jealous? And is it worth upgrading? Read on to find out. It's the Canon EOS 600D vs Canon EOS 550D.

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michass84433d ago

They are great cameras, but to use their full potential you should read few guides or a photography book... if you want a perfect picture there is a lot of settings, this cameras are pretty complicated. If someone will just take the pictures on automatic settings, the small compact camera will do for him/her fine... :)