Best Buy Facebook Says February 24th For Motorola XOOM, HTC Thunderbolt On The 14th

DroidLife: Did the Grand Rapids Best Buy Facebook page just out the Motorola XOOM and HTC Thunderbolt release dates? Maybe. According to a post that just went live on their page, the XOOM will be available on February 24th and the Thunderbolt on the 14th. If these dates stand, we couldn’t be happier because now we can stop wasting our time with ridiculously long timelines like this one.

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-Mezzo-4320d ago

But the price of the "Motorola Xoom" hasn't been announced yet, i hope they also sell them without Contracts, so i can get my Brother to pick one up for me.

I think i'll just hit Google & see it Motorola had announced the Price.

michass84319d ago

What to do... wait until the price will drop or buy it straight away... but on the other hand if I will wait there will be something new coming out... the new model that will be better... temptations... I will probably wait for the price announcement :)and then decide...