Software update 1.1 for new Symbian devices

Nokia Conversations: okia today releases software update 1.1 for the new Symbian devices – the Nokia N8, C7 and C6-01. While the new Symbian software offered great performance and features from launch, the updates will make it even smoother to use.

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michass84429d ago

For some reason I do not like Symbian OS. Hopefully this update will improve it. Devices like Nokia N8 are great, but the OS is a bit retro...

-Mezzo-4429d ago

Wayyyyy Retro, Symbian was a cool oS back when no other OS was around but now it's nothing compared to Android or even iOS, though i must say Symbian is extremely easy to navigate.

Shame Nokia didn't stepped their game up wen the competition got tough, i just hope Meego does some wonder for them, when it's released.

michass84428d ago

Nokia should think about the other platforms that works well like Android. If they want to swap Symbian with the Meego that is fine, but do we need another OS on the market... If Meego wont be successful OS, Nokia will have serious trouble, bigger than they have now...