Saab chooses UQM motors for its 9-3 ePower EV, will be carving Alp twisties soon

Engadget: Saab announced it was working on an all-electric version of its 9-3 wagon late last year, dubbing it the ePower. Now we're learning what's driving it. The vehicle will be powered by a 135kW UQM Technologies PowerPhase system, an equivalent of 181hp that will propel the car to 60 in 8.5 seconds -- no Huayra but pretty peppy for an EV.

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Saab Australia to develop applications for Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft’s mixed reality (MR) head-mounted display (HMD) HoloLens is now available to developers – in the US and Canada currently – and naturally wants as many as possible to start building the platform. It why the company has now announced a partnership with the Australian arm of global company SAAB to produce a range of educational and training applications for the device.

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Saab's advanced stealth submarine is 'effectively invisible'


Saab has unveiled a very cool and slightly terrifying advanced stealth submarine with a "GHOST mode", which allows it to remain "effectively invisible" on underwater missions.

sonicwrecks3215d ago

Oh yes, their car enterprise may have gone some time back but their bread and butter has pretty much always been their military contracts. Subs, fighter aircraft, allsorts.