Nokia to Replace Several Executive Board Members

The Nokia Blog: According to German business weekly Wirtschaftswoche, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has ordered headhunters to look for top people to replace several executive board members. Elop is supposedly planning a radical restructuring of top management. We might hear more about this on February 11th at Capital Markets Day in London.

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-Mezzo-4321d ago

I have to say, not surprised at all Nokia has been going down hill & this was bound to happen.

I suggest that Nokia just Drops the B**S**T and make a really High Spec Smartphone, Just like Motorola did.

michass84320d ago

Hopefully the new executive board members will get riddle of the OS like Symbian and start implementing the one that works... like Android. This step should help instantly. Nokia is on market since I remember, it would be shame if they go out of the market because of the stupid decisions they making at the moment...