HTC Desire 2 , Flyer , Pyramid , LG Optimus 3D, Star Tab show up in inventory

FoneArena: FoneArena has received a ton of images pointing to upcoming devices from HTC and LG. The images which which are from a inventory system confirm the existence of the the rumored devices such as the HTC Desire 2 , HTC Pyramid and the much anticipated tablet HTC Flyer.

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-Mezzo-4776d ago

A new phone every freakin Day, i still remember the good old days when a newly Released CellPhone was New For at least 2 years.

Now a Phone is released today, the other day it's successor has been seen listed on some Company Page, will be released within 8 Months.


Captain Tuttle4774d ago

The only good thing is that the "older" models tend to drop in price rather quickly

michass84775d ago

I think I will wait for another bit with the upgrade... :) Every time I pick up my mind on some model, there is a new one coming out, better, faster... It is getting really hard to upgrade...

-Mezzo-4775d ago

Exactly my point, i just upgraded from (Blackberry Bold 9700) to Samsung Galaxy S (Incredible Phone By The Way) and an even more powerful phone with better looks & specs is on it way. Motorola Atrix 4G, i want one.

awiseman4774d ago

its on crappy netwrk (at&t)

michass84774d ago

We will lose a fortune, upgrading once a month :)


LG CX2, the "Optimus 3D 2," Revealed

PocketNow writes "LG is reportedly preparing a followup to its first 3D-capable handset, the Optimus 3D, in the form of a device codenamed CX2. While not a revolutionary advance over its predecessor, the CX2 does manage to improve the auto-stereoscopic display, beef up the processor, and facilitate the conversion of two-dimensional material into stereoscopic footage..."

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HTC Flyer Honeycomb update arrives

Pocket-Lint: HTC has confirmed, via Facebook, that it is rolling out the much waited Honeycomb update for its tablet; the HTC Flyer.

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Ice Cream Sandwich ported to Galaxy S II and LG Optimus 3D

Man, these hackers work fast. It was just earlier this week when Google released the source code for Ice Cream Sandwich, and a mere four days later the new OS has made its way onto Samsung's Galaxy S II. While ICS is looking good on the GSII's gorgeous AMOLED display, the port is still an alpha -- the Bluetooth, WiFi and other radios aren't functioning just yet, but work is ongoing, and future releases are coming soon. Sound good? Well, wait'll you get a load of the port in action in the video after the break.

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