Motorola teases the real Xoom Super Bowl ad

Engadget: We already got teased on this, but it turns out that the first teaser -- which, let's be honest, didn't have the highest production value -- was strictly a teaser. Now, Motorola's sent us a fragment of the real commercial they'll be debuting during the Super Bowl this Sunday, and it's got pretty much everything you'd expect: a handsome gentleman with flowers reading 1984 on a Xoom, white headphones, and thousands of emotionless drones "enjoying" their Apple products.

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-Mezzo-4323d ago

The add was weird, but man i cannot wait to get my hands on Xoom, it looks so Good, Might be the first Tablet to actually give a hard time to iPad.

Techsmith4322d ago

While I agree that the Xoom looks promising, I think the iPad will dominate for some time to come.

-Mezzo-4322d ago

It certainly will, but i hope it dominates for it's Specs & features, not due to Apples Fanbase.

awiseman4322d ago

Its domination IS due to Apples stupid fanbase, the specs on the gaypad are prehistoric.

michass84323d ago

I want to get myself a tablet, I was thinking to wait for the iPad 2 but now there is so many brilliant devices on the market, I am confused. Motorala Xoom looks very promising.
The only downsize for this devices is the fact that the bag is necessary if you want to be in the move... I don't like bags...

Strange_Evil4322d ago

I don't get the ad o.0

Either ways it looks like a promising device.

michass84322d ago

I thought that it was just a part of the ad... really weird... :)but who cares about ad when we talking about device like that...