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Motorola teases the real Xoom Super Bowl ad

Engadget: We already got teased on this, but it turns out that the first teaser -- which, let's be honest, didn't have the highest production value -- was strictly a teaser. Now, Motorola's sent us a fragment of the real commercial they'll be debuting during the Super Bowl this Sunday, and it's got pretty much everything you'd expect: a handsome gentleman with flowers reading 1984 on a Xoom, white headphones, and thousands of emotionless drones "enjoying" their Apple products.

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-Mezzo-4824d ago

The add was weird, but man i cannot wait to get my hands on Xoom, it looks so Good, Might be the first Tablet to actually give a hard time to iPad.

Techsmith4823d ago

While I agree that the Xoom looks promising, I think the iPad will dominate for some time to come.

-Mezzo-4823d ago

It certainly will, but i hope it dominates for it's Specs & features, not due to Apples Fanbase.

awiseman4823d ago

Its domination IS due to Apples stupid fanbase, the specs on the gaypad are prehistoric.

michass84823d ago

I want to get myself a tablet, I was thinking to wait for the iPad 2 but now there is so many brilliant devices on the market, I am confused. Motorala Xoom looks very promising.
The only downsize for this devices is the fact that the bag is necessary if you want to be in the move... I don't like bags...

Strange_Evil4823d ago

I don't get the ad o.0

Either ways it looks like a promising device.

michass84823d ago

I thought that it was just a part of the ad... really weird... :)but who cares about ad when we talking about device like that...


The Best Android Tablets of All Time

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HardcoreDroid4018d ago

Apologies. I honestly missed that. Accurate speed reader that I am.

It's fixed. Do let me know if there are any other problems.

HardcoreDroid4018d ago

Sorry, sorry. Over-confident--my first Tech Spy post and Ive been posting excerpts in a few places such as N4G for a while now and I sort of rushed in expecting the guidelines to be the same. But I think I have it now and thank you again for helping me get it back on track.


Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean finally pushed to Motorola Xoom WiFi testers

Android Central - After a little bit of a delay, Motorola and Google are now pushing out the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update to Motorola Xoom WiFi owners who signed up for the testing process. Overall, it's Jelly Bean. Not much else can be said about it really. Everything you would expect to be in place, is indeed there with one exception. That one exception appears to be Chrome. You still need to download it from the Google Play Store in order to have it loaded.

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