Nintendo 3DS now just £199 thanks to Sainsbury's

Pocket-Lint: Sainsbury’s will sell the Nintendo 3DS for £199.99, becoming the first mainstream retailer to break the £200 barrier.

The move undercuts most of the competition although only by a few pounds.

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-Mezzo-4321d ago

Good deal for the people there, i think £199.99 is still more than $250.

But i will not be getting it, due the announcement of NGP, i was never into Handhelds up until 6 years back when Sony announced (PSP), i believe PSP proved that Handheld gaming isn't just for the Kids, Adults can also Game on the Go.

Nintendo is still making Kids friendly product & thats the market they are targeting with 3DS. while NGP & the games coming on it, is more Adult friendly.

Anarki4320d ago

They been £202 on for a week or so now...

I think they know they got good competition this time around..

b-real4320d ago

PSP was indeed a good system, to bad about the lackluster game library. The DS had more 'quality' adult friendly games than the PSP.

fatstarr4320d ago

the psp2 will not lay a finger on the 3DS.
its history repeating its self for the 3rd time
nintendo shows the ds with bad graphics to the epic ps2esque graphics of the psp at the time.
same with the wii vs ps3

nintendo will win again for years to come because sony wont make a profit until 2013 or 2014 on ngp.

and personally the 3DS has epic graphics almost 360 quality and considering whats powering it its impressive. the psp2 == ps3 graphics though.

michass84320d ago

£30 drop in price is a good surprise for all that are Nintendo 3DS fans. Probably was not selling fast enough at the old price.

michass84320d ago

For £30 you can get an extra game, and amazon have a free delivery option on the top of the price reduction. This is a good deal.

xino4320d ago

the device is not worth the price!
I feel sorry for people who will be paying £200+ for it because they are getting ripped off, though thanks to them NIntendo will introduce a better model.

I actually tried the system and I tell you it feels outdated!

The 3D device's AMAZING!
"You have to see it to believe it!" no sh* sherlock!
It's way better than ps3 3d on a 40 inch hd tv, no sh*

If you've tried both, you'll believe me

TLG19914318d ago

its been £199.99 on since it went on sale for pre order whats the big fuss