10 Of The Most Ridiculous Things Said By Tech CEO’s In 2010

2010 was an interesting year for technology CEO’s and their company’s, despite a weak economy they manged to pull in record profits. These guys are some of the most fascinating figures in business and sometimes they say things that keeps the PR department on its toes. In this post, we will go through some really off the wall comments made by the tech titans of 2010.

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Techsmith4324d ago

That image scares me :/

Lich1204324d ago

Reggie's comment is actually quite true and not ridiculous at all. There's a reason that most games on the iphone are made by indie studios. It really isn't a viable money maker for studios currently making handheld games. While I think its a viable gaming platform, he was talking about losing developers to it over nintendo handhelds. I just don't see this being an issue. The two platforms don't really compete with each other.

Techsmith4324d ago

Theirs a reason indie devs prefer making games for the iPhone rather then Nintendo's handheld devices. But I agree.