Hot Hardware - ViewSonic gTablet Review

Hot Hardware - So, why haven't we seen more 10-inch or larger Android tablets to compete with the iPad? That's a question we've been asking and we're sure many of you have the been wondering about the situation as well. The primary reason is that Google's tablet-targeted operating system isn't here just yet. The latest version, Android 2.2, which is installed on most 7-inch and smaller slates like Samsung's Galaxy Tab and the Dell Streak, is Google's smartphone OS.

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ViewSonic G-TAB Update Adds Flash And USB Peripheral Support

AC - ViewSonic has pushed out a firmware update for the GTab, which adds Adobe Flash support among other things. The new software – available as an OTA update – also adds to the GTab’s productivity abilities, as it throws USB keyboard and mouse support onto the Android slate.

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Into Mobile: ViewSonic G Android Tablet Review

Into Mobile: While some of you are waiting until next year to even consider a tablet, be it an Android tablet, the next iPad, Playbook, or the mysterious WebOS tablet, some of you have already jumped the gun. There aren’t too many decent Android tablets out there right now, but the ViewSonic G Tablet. It’s got innards that make it a force to be reckoned with, but you’ll have to get past the disappointing software to really start appreciating its inner beauty.

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