Panasonic's 2011 HDTVs shown off in Japan with prices, March release dates

Engadget: Panasonic's found time to show off its latest series of HDTVs in Japan, including the new top 3D-capable VT3, GT3 and ST3 generation plasmas, and DT3 LCDs, . As one might expect, the feature list is predictably similar to the US models with the next iteration of 3D panel technology, including a few Japan-specific features like VOD services and recording TV to USB drives.

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_Q_4325d ago

Oooh Panny is upping their sexy. I like the lines. So glad my beautiful 58" S2 is on its way already <3

When it comes to HDTVs Go Panny or go home.

snoop_dizzle4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

I haven't followed the prices of the former Kuro, but I would almost be half tempted to jump on one just to see what it is like. I've never seen a Kuro in action.

_Q_4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

I've seen the Kuros at the former Pioneer store around here. The neo pdp(VT25,GT25,S2) display is better at blacks technically but the difference isnt easy to see.
At this point the Kuro's performance is mythology and for what you'd pay for one(Checked CL $1500+ for a 50") doesnt make sense when you can get a 2010 58" Plasma for around $1200