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If You Can Hack The Chrome Web Browser, Google Will Pay You $20,000

The world’s #1 search engine maker is so confident of the security of its web browser that the company has posted a $20,000 reward and a brand new Cr-48 laptop for the first person that hacks it. Google’s Chrome web browser is the only one out of the four major browsers that remains hack-free, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer were all hacked at the annual Pwn2Own hacking competition.

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outwar60104322d ago

a lot better than sony's tactics with the ps3

koehler834321d ago

Google doesn't really care if your PC is hacked through Chrome. It's really just bragging rights against other browsers. It's not even their bread and butter.

Sony has a lot more to lose and so do their publishing partners. Not to mention their consumers.

If you honestly think it's a fair comparison, you're not too sharp.

outwar60104321d ago

wait google wouldn't car if your pc was hacked through their browser lol dumbest comment EVER if people reported that their pc was hacked through chrome what would the mass majority of chrome users do??? they would uninstall and it would be rendered obsolete. How much do you think google spent developing chrome?

koehler834320d ago


If that were the case, there would be no one left using Internet Explorer. But they remain the market leader by a huge margin.


darkdoom30004321d ago

That doesn't make any sense.

Offering a reward for hacking will get more people to hack it. unlike sony, google doesn't have much to loose.

If sony tried this tactic, it would have gone hacked day 1.

outwar60104321d ago

thie hackers would obviously have to reveal exploits to google or sony if sony did this. 20,000 dollar loss is nothing compared to potential losses through piracy

michass84321d ago

Great move. Thanks to this Google will be able to fix all weak points of the Chrome. It will help to keep this browser on the top of the safe browser list.

fatstarr4321d ago

I love these competitions, they end so funny.

Techsmith4321d ago

I think this is the year hackers crack Chrome.

fatstarr4321d ago

yea this is gonna be a break through year for code crackers.

cpt_kaos4321d ago

Would that be cash or cheque.

Techsmith4321d ago

I'm assuming a fat check.