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Analyst Calls Meego “the biggest joke in the tech industry right now”

That’s coming from analyst Adnaan Ahmad, head of technology equity research at the London branch of Germany’s Berenberg Bank, who believes Nokia shouldn’t be wasting its time with Meego and focus on implementing Windows Phone 7 as a way to combat the growing threat that is Android.

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Speed-Racer4682d ago

I wish your article would give some insight into whay Meego was. I had to Google it separately. Can't assume everyone knows what you are talking about.

Techsmith4682d ago

Your right, i'll give brief rundown on what meego is.

-Mezzo-4682d ago

I do not disagree with "Adnaan Ahmad" with android on the market their really no need for another Mobile Operating System.

Meego, Symbian & Windows Phone 7 are just not needed, Nokia & every other Smartphone manufacturer should go with Android.

Techsmith4682d ago

I disagree. Android is on almost every handset right now, Nokia can run with the herd or take a different course. Windows Phone 7 is the best fit for a company like Nokia, plus if they add Android then it wont be long before we see Google playing Monopoly in court.

-Mezzo-4682d ago (Edited 4682d ago )

It could be, but what good will Windows Phone 7 do to Nokia while being Inferior to other Operating Systems on the market.

They either go with Android or try something new & we both know (Trying Something New Didn't Turned Out To Be A Good Idea) for Nokia.

Nokia ruled the Cellphone Market, but now around where i live (And i think almost everywhere) buying a Nokia cellphone is considered RETRO, a step backwards.

Techsmith4682d ago

I guarantee you that WP7 is not "inferior" to the other operating system. Once you try it you'll see that its a great OS.

michass84682d ago

WP7 is a good OS indeed, but I prefer android anyway. There is enough OS on the market at the moment and there is no need for another one, it won't work. I like the double boot option (WP7 and android on 1 handset - htc hd2). Why don't they give us a choice, sometimes there is a great phone, but OS is not the on that U prefer... , we should be able download the OS that we want for any handset. All new smartphones are powerful enough to be able swap the OS, It would be matter of the drivers, but it shouldn't be to big problem. In fact, most of the new smartphones has specs as my previous laptop... :D


Nokia CEO states that 6G is going to make smartphones outdated

According to a recent statement by Pekka Lundberg, the CEO of Nokia, people are likely to get 6G technology by 2030.

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Nokia C21 Plus, C21, and C2 2nd Edition Android Go phones revealed at MWC 2022

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Nokia Oyj is heading several organizations and universities in a EU-funded wireless project named Hexa-X to provide help to 6G development

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