Facebook averaging 8 sign-ups per second

With Facebook continuing its epic growth, new reports show that Facebook now has an average of 7.9 sign-ups per second, while the total user base has now grown to 585 million users. Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson enjoy the top fan base. Justin Bieber with his girlish looks only came in at 9th spot just a hair above Barack Obama.

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-Mezzo-4323d ago

WOW, 8 sign-ups per second, that a lot, thats like..... ahh, i am having a hard time calculating how much Sign;ups they get in a day with an Average of 8 per second.

Facebook, got really boring, really fast (For Me) last week i logged back into my Facebook account and was greeted with (welcome Back, This Is What You Missed While You Were Away), plus an email saying welcome back.

michass84322d ago

Facebook is starting to be very popular in Europe, especially east part, where English language is not so popular. But now thanks to all language translations and marketing it is more popular. For me Facebook was very addictive at the first stage, when I was looking for my contact network..., but after a while it starts being boring. Overall good to have it, but I am certainly not one of the addicted people around the globe.

SKUD4322d ago

That's a lot of trolls signing up.