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The Future of Cheap Androids Begins Now

Gigaom: The arrival of low-priced smartphones is an event many have been waiting on for some time. Sure there are often buy one, get one deals or one-day specials where you can find a smartphone for as little as a penny, but in most cases, such deals are tied to expensive plan commitments that last for two years. For a real paradigm shift, we’ll need to see unsubsidized handsets priced at or under $100 that can be used on a month-to-month basis. We’re inching closer to that shift.

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Captain Tuttle4314d ago

Is the HTC Incredible still considered a decent phone? Wal-Mart's selling them for 30 bucks with a 2 year contract with someone, I can't remember who.

_Q_4314d ago

Yes the incredible is a solid phone especially for that screen it has. Its a very crisp screen. The Incredible is a VZW exclusive but im certain there are reskinned versions on other carriers now...

_Q_4314d ago

np. If you ever Qs about stuff like this dude let me know. I'll help when I can or find who can.

-Mezzo-4314d ago

It's a great phone & still worth buying, if you can pay some extra cash, i suggest you go with Galaxy S, it a great phone. i just replaced my Blackberry 9700 with it & i couldn't be more happy.

fatstarr4314d ago

:D galaxy s is an awesome phone its a shame the sequel to it is coming out so soon.

Captain Tuttle4313d ago

I want to stay away from the 4g phones because the coverage is so spotty here in the US and you still get charged the extra $10 premium. I don't live in the sticks either, I'm just outside of Philadelphia. 10 bucks/month isn't alot but you're still paying for something you probably won't use.

michass84313d ago

I still have the HTC desire and I am very happy with it. The next one will be dual core probably or even better. The technology in smartphone segment is flying, something new nearly every week, hard to be on the ball :)

Gondee4313d ago

All current android Phones will be "cheap phones" in 6 months. the hardware is refreshing faster than people are buying new ones. It looks like, during your 2 year contract, there will be several new generations of devices, far out pacing your current high end one.
The Galaxy S is a perfect example.