The Top Simple Cell Phones

PC Mag - If you sometimes find yourself thinking back to the good old days when cell phones just made phone calls, then read on. These seven super-simple cell phones make wireless calling easy for people who aren't interested in all that Web/Twitter/app nonsense. But unlike the good old days, these phones are much sleeker than the Motorola DynaTAC of the 1980s.

-Mezzo-4830d ago

I am getting tired of Touch Smartphones, they require my full attention even while making a simple call.

_Q_4828d ago

Yeah couple things I cant stand is how often my cheek hangs up on people and if I highlight people's names on my phone it will blacklist them keeping them from calling me. Problem is i only talk to my GF on the phone so... Stupid feature for such a smartphone lol

michass84828d ago

Back to basics... honestly this kind of devices is a great gift idea for grandparents or older people. It is fine for people who will phone and text, but I can not imagine the life without all this features available in my phone these days...

Syko4828d ago

These phones OWN in battery life.

-Mezzo-4828d ago

Agreed, but no one buys them these days, except for the people who........ Well no ones buys them.

_Q_4828d ago

lol There are old folks who cannot get down with the touch. I have two in my dept who refuse to go to modern style phones. ONE HAS A RAZR V3 *faceplam*

@Syko yes definitely

GrumpyVeteran4828d ago (Edited 4828d ago )

Dunno man, I'm 19 and I'd be keen on getting these.

To say they're exclusive only to, let's say... luddites, is a little silly.

GrumpyVeteran4828d ago

This article is great.

I absolutely loathe all the smartphone bullshit.

I just want a bare minimum mobile phone that can just make a call and receive a call.

Also, just to kill the rumour that these phones are just for the elderly, I'm 19.

There we go.

SuMtOnE4828d ago

the most simplest phone and has good reception, yes i said good reception because few years back like 7 years. no other phone or services have reception is the samsung e105. highly recommended


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